Thursday, February 03, 2005

Must-see restaurants around the world

As a small child, I was encouraged to eat whatever was set in front of me ("You don't want it? Okay, then you won't eat anything."). With such persuasion, I was able to experience a countless number of tastes and textures during my formulative years, which turned out to be the best springboard possible for my future eplorations. It was my freshman year of college when my tastebuds suddenly awoke into sophisticated, vivacious awareness. The occasion: a celebratory dinner for our newspaper staff at a vine-and-flower adorned, candle-lit venue in Boston. Since that point, I have had the distinct privilege of searching out unique, unimitable dining experiences. Sometimes it was the food, sometimes it was the novelty and ambience, and every time, it was the company.

Here is a far-from-complete list of some of my very fondest dining experiences. If you should find yourself in these locations, please do check them out!

Boston, MA, USA: Maison Robert
Darlinghurst, NSW, AU:
Bangkok, Thailand:
Bed Supperclub
New York, NY, USA:
Danube and ChikaLicious
Napa Valley, CA, USA: Copia (an entire food experience founded by Julia Child)
Singapore: Red House Seafood Restaurant