Monday, March 21, 2005

Home Cooking - Waffling About

Sunday mornings, when taken in lazy, limb-stretching doses amidst sun-speckled, faintly-warm smooth sheets, call for a meal of leisure. I took the opportunity to cheat a bit, using a nut-filled blend-and-cook dry mixture: Macadamia Nut Pancake and Waffle Mix. 'From scratch' is a term I was willing to let slide this past weekend, instead choosing the quicker-gratification route. Soon, we had golden brown Belgian waffles slathered with Phillipines mango jam (I think they produce the highest quality mango products; look for their signature dried mango slices in blue and goldenrod-yellow plastic packages. Delicious and healthy!) and powdered sugar, and embellished with an island favorite of mine; Passion-Orange-Guava (POG) juice.

* sidenote: Remember the cardboard disc-flipping game fad of POG in the 90's? It featured trendy, flashy collectible circular disks to cater to the young consumers of our nation, but the original game began in Hawai'i, with the playing pieces being plain, cardboard tops that were lodged into the underside of POG juice bottles. And thus, the name of the game. :)


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