Monday, April 04, 2005

Home Cooking - Better Than S*x Cake

Most of the 'semi-homemade' recipes that I come across are pretty non-memorable. They feature too many processed flavors that clang dischordantly against your tongue like an elementary school rendition of the 1812 Overture, with junkyard car hubcaps being used for the conclusion's 'cymbal/gong' noise reverberations. Yes, I still involuntarily wince when I think back to those days. (I, however, was not responsible for such cacophony; I was a quiet little flautist.) Most of the recipes that I've tasted (courtesy of friends) are too salty, too tangy, too over-the-top with an indiscrimate mess of flavors. Visually speaking, they parallel the wall crayon scrawls of a toddler, and you couldn't wrestle the offending stick of wax out of his/her tightly-clamped fist quickly enough.

This 'semi-homemade' recipe is on the overly-sweet side, I won't deny that. But taken in small, stylized doses, it has it's charm (the name does pull you in, admit it!), and even *gasp*, dare I say it, sticky-sweet sophistication.

This wins (almost unfairly in my book) because of one crucial element: the condensed milk soaked into a fork/chopstick-poked cake, which settles into moist, creamy decadence (a bastardization of the luscious tres leche cake). Boxed German chocolate cake mix, eggs, oil, condensed milk, caramel/toffee ice cream topping, cool whip, and toffee bits are all that are needed to re-create this.

As long as I can blissfully push aside calorific concerns, I can enjoy this cake, politically termed as 'Better Than Almost Anything Else' cake on the Betty Crocker boxes of German chocolate cake mix.

And maybe that's the more appropriate name. Because really, much as I enjoy this dessert, certain exercise pastimes still take precedence for me. ;)


Anonymous Chuts said...

Calorie dense desserts are the best. Afterward you can grab the person next to you and say: "Come here, I need to work this off."

11:17 AM  
Blogger foodie said...

chuts, very true, unless the audience you're serving doesn't include your amour. In which case, I tend to just relax into a blissful state of food coma. :]

11:11 AM  
Anonymous chuts said...

That's easy enough. Save the most calorific foods for suitable partners.

10:57 AM  

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